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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The adventures of caleb

hi i'm still 8 but it is my birthday soon on the 7th of november. i like typing up storys now and this how far i have got with one of them
The adventures of Caleb (No.1 The midnight party)
One stormy night Caleb was asleep but he woke up and he thought about what he should do while he was awake. He could either go back to sleep and be bored till morning and it was only 11:26 or he could have a party. “Now that’s a hard decision” Caleb thought. So he thought about it for 30 seconds. When it had been 30 seconds he suddenly popped up like a little spark and said”I’ve got it, I’ll have a party”. So he got out of his cot (though I don’t know how) and fumbled around (for it was very dark) but the stair gate in his room was closed but once he had opened it ooh he did some amazing things “watch out watch out Caleb’s about” said Caleb as he crept down the stairs...
The first thing he had to do was to phone his friends. “Who should I invite?””I know, Lewis, Hermione and Jake”. He dialled their numbers and told them about the party. “Great” said Lewis. “I’ll come” said Hermione. “Definitely” said Jake. “Right, now to get ready for the party”. He went into the kitchen and searched high and low until he found 20 MASSIVE bottles and he filled them right to the top with milk. “Right, now I have to charge the Nintendo ds’s”. So he went upstairs and he had search high and low but he eventually found and charged them.
DING DONG”the first guest”. ”Hi Caleb” said Lewis. “What do you want to do first?”. “Can I just have a bottle?”. “Sure there just in the...DING”. “Hi Caleb” said Hermione. “What do you want to do first?”. “Erm can I just watch T.V.?”. “Sure it’s just through that...DING DONG...door”. “I’ll get it”. “Hi Caleb” said Jake. “What do you want to do?”. “Can I play on the Nintendo Ds’s?”. “Sure, do you want to connect?”Said Caleb. “Ok but with super Mario 64 Ds” said Jake. “Fine with me” said Caleb “just one sec””EVERYONE IF YOU NEED ME I WILL BE UPSTAIRS” shouted Caleb. Soon everyone was getting bored so Caleb decided that should go on the wii “let’s play Mario party 8 cos we can all play” said Jake. Everyone agreed that this was a good idea. that is as far as i have got but i will soon post the rest. i am realy into youtube and buildabear and i know a song on youtube that was in buildabear. it is called lets talk about love and it is sung by itzel. here is a picture of her.

Friday, April 03, 2009


I'm 8 now and i'm really into Runescape. My levels are attack 20 hitpoints 26 mining 13 strength 30 agility 1 smithing 3 defence 18 herblore 1 fishing 10 ranged 2 thieving 1 cooking 23 prayer 17 crafting 3 firemaking 31 magic 1 fletching 1 woodcutting 30 runecrafting 1 slayer 1 farming 1. I have defeated loads of monsters. I also have loads of gp(gold penneys).I have exactly 7226gp.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

church day

Today me and my brother went to my freinds houseto do church.  When we played hide and seek we coud not find titus.
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

fantasy iland

Today me and my family went to Fantasy iland in wembley.

There is two parts.  The big part for people 5+.  And the small part for people 4 and under.

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Friday, August 15, 2008


Yesterday John came and took some photos in are living room.  I like this photo because it is of me and my brother.
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Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Trik glarses

Once my dad left his hat at my school. When i came to school the next morning i saw it. When i went home i gave it to my dad. When i went to bevers my dad went shopping and he boght me a pair of trik glarses. They squit warter.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

haree and grass cumin (translation: Harry and Grace coming)

today haree and grass are cumin. and we are gowin fo a run in the garden. and the name of the retrtt wer gowin to fo luch is atrbcoos.

(Translation: Today Harry and Grace are coming and we are going for a run in the garden and the name of restaurant we're going to for lunch is Fatty Arbuckles.)